“… The Impressive Stephen Conrad Moore makes a suitably tragic Ajax”.

Jon Sobel of Blogcritics (Ajax In Iraq)

“Ajax (Stephen Conrad Moore), the protagonist of Sophocles’ play

New York Times



Stephen Conrad Moore is compelling as Best, the Vietnam vet...

Stage-Space.com (Revolution on The Roof)



She receives strong support from  Stephen Conrad Moore, whose terrific Caribbean accent wins over  both Esther and the audience ...”

Talkin’ Broadway (Intimate Apparel)

“Stephen Conrad Moore brings an endearing robustness to George, even as his less savory qualities emerge.

South Philly Review



Stephen Conrad Moore and Lily Drexler give Act Two a pop of pizazz

Theasy.com (Dark Water)



“ ... Stephen Conrad Moore, do[es] well in multiple roles.

Backstage.com (We In Silence Hear a Whisper)



Moore perform[s] with such spectacular mimicry (his voice was Campbell’s, his movements were Campbell’s)…

 …the real Campbell, watching [as] amazement shone from her dewy eyes.” 

East Village Arts (Visionaries : Shirley Campbell)